Launch Your
Dream Business,

A powerful session that will show you how to properly launch a viable, profitable, not wreck your life and destroy all your relationships type of business that brings you the fulfillment and financial freedom you seek.

Yolo! Let's Launch My Business!

Every time you turn around, someone, somewhere is embarking on a journey to start a small business. For many, that dream may be too big a pill to swallow, but that feeling in your gut never goes away. If you want to see that dream deferred transformed into a tangible vision, without being raked across the coals through the often soul-crushing journey of entrepreneurship, join us for this one-hour workshop of, “Yolo Let’s Launch My Business”.

In that tiny amount of time, we’ll be aiming to deliver these gold nuggets of wisdom that will help you decide if this revitalizing, rewarding, and often rigorous journey of business ownership is right for you. You’ll learn:

  • Where the heck do I start?
  • How to assess business viability?
  • Doing your “ity” work
  • How to sell what and when.
  • Getting Money.
  • Getting Money when you have no money.
  • 7 Most Powerful Tips You Need to Know When Operating a Business.
  • Staffing Up to Scaling Up.
  • Top Tools and Resources that you can actually use to start right now, but not kinda right now, but really like right now.
  • You’ll also get some very useful handouts that will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do in a number of areas.
  • Getting Money when you have no money and you even owe some people money.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 70 years old. You could be making bank, or more importantly, just enjoying the life you want if you can just take a few steps now.

I know what it’s like to build something, out of nothing, with nothing while being beaten down this often unforgiving, unfair, and unreasonable thing we call life.

But one hour out could be the difference in getting started, getting there, or getting nowhere in your business journey. I’ve made SOOOOO many mistakes that I didn’t have to if I just would have had even 10% of this little bit of information.

While I love to say I failed my way up to the ladder of success, it’s much more fun to climb it and check out the great views ahead.

So what’s stopping you? I promise you’ve never experienced a workshop like this before and you won’t regret it. If you do, just get your money back after the workshop. No big deal.

If you’re with us this Saturday, by the end of this workshop, you’ll:

  • Understand the appropriate expectations for starting a business and key details to consider.
  • Develop a plan of action for your next venture.
  • Save tons of time, energy, and money avoiding big mistakes and getting things done as efficiently as possible.
  • Get LIVE help and feedback for YOUR specific business needs during

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Let's do it!

Oh and by the way. If you attend the workshop, you’ll also get FREE entry into the rest of the showcase, which will give you access to:

  • COOL GIFTS & OFFERS. On top of the amazing brands you'll hear about, we're giving away virtual swag bags valued at over $300 for each attendee, including free workshop tickets to grow your business, discounts on top-tier digital products, and more. You'll get the chance to shop our mini marketplace and VIPs will also walk away with some sweet free merch.
  • FABULOUS CONNECTIONS. Network with some very interesting people, enjoy great food with a full cash bar, and seize the opportunity to support a growing, women-owned, and diverse enterprise that's leaving its mark everywhere it goes.
  • GET INVOLVED. See partnership, collaboration, investment, and career opportunities available with ALL MAVEN and Subsidiaries of ALL MAVEN Enterprise you just won’t find anywhere else. We'll also be featuring some of our nonprofits from our extraordinary NEATT Program.
  • INSIDER ACCESS. We've got over a dozen other companies and projects in the works across industries like software, tech, retail, hospitality, and more. VCs and investors, you might want a peek... who knows, some of you may even want to run one of these companies :)