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Training and workshops help keep your mission in house. Some of your best work can originate from a well-trained team. Comprehensive, helpful and good for those with varying levels of experience. The ROI for good training is phenomenal.



Branding is more than just good design and catchy taglines. It's about communicating your message to the world and giving them not just something to buy, but something to buy into. While branding may seem exclusive to the marketing team, branding trickles down into part of your company culture. The more your team understands your brand, the better ambassadors they become for company no matter what department they serve. This training is an absolute must for companies to ensure their message is shared properly across every online and offline channel for all who are involved. This covers core brand fundamentals.

TIME: 3 DAYS     |    5 HOUR WORKSHOP   |     $3,495 (UP TO 7 TEAM MEMBERS - $100 ADDT'L STAFF)


This training is designed to give your team every advantage for showcasing your brand, products, and services online. We'll cover all the essentials of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as concepts, philosophies, and trends across social media. At the end of the day, your team will not only understand social and how to be effective, but also know how to execute on the platform itself for regular social media marketing and engagement.

TIME: 2 DAYS    |    4 HOUR WORKSHOP   |    $1795 (UP TO 7 TEAM MEMBERS - $55 ADDT'L STAFF)    |   SOLO: $345


No one goes at it alone. But how do you create a winning team member no matter their area of focus? This leadership training and cultural development course irons out the steps you can take to build the strongest and most effective team and brand ambassadors for your organization. Happy staff produce 33% more than team members who just feel things are "okay". We'll look at developing culture, fostering growth for your top performers and creating a strategy for those that need a little help along the way.

TIME: 1 DAYS    |    3 HOUR WORKSHOP   |    $795 (UP TO 7 TEAM MEMBERS - $25 ADDT'L STAFF)


How do you grow your business to achieve your business goals? There are many ways to the finish line and several moving parts: operations, marketing, the team -- the list goes on. Alex Renee Poelstra provides comprehensive consulting that looks at every facet of your business from your business plan to the software you use for accounting. A full audit also provides key information for your business to get you headed in the right direction. This service saves business owners thousands of dollars every year and provides optimal growth for your organization.

HOURLY $195 PER HOUR      |    RETAINER W/ 5 HR MINIMUM $ 155      |      RETAINER W/15 HR MINIMUM $95


Marketing is a critical component of any business. But how do you market? Email? Social? Video? Our marketing consultant, Alex Renee Poelstra can educate your team on the appropriate marketing channels that are effective for your business, assist with campaign development, and provide reporting and results. Areas of marketing covered include events, social media, email, and video. Pricing will vary by marketing campaigns developed outside consulting.

HOURLY $145 PER HOUR      |      RETAINER W/ 5 HR MINIMUM $ 115      |      RETAINER W/15 HR MINIMUM $95

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