Don't just do it. RIBA. (Run It By Alex)

Before you do anything, Run It By Alex and get a fast answer to business questions that could save you thousands. Quick consults for everyday operations. Everything from buying a phone, to purchasing software, to "should I open that email?"


What is RIBA?

RIBA stands for RUN IT BY ALEX. It's a service we provide powered by our chief consultant, Alexandra Renee, where businesses can get quick answers to a number of questions before taking action. This way, businesses can professional advice without having to spend a couple hundred bucks on a consult.

How does it work?

Simple. Purchase a subscription and RIBA when you need something. You can RIBA by phone, email, video conference or Google Hangouts. RIBA is currently in beta, so we're allowing for unlimited contacts. RIBA is month to month, contract free, and you can cancel anytime. While we're in beta, we're reviewing accounts every six months for changes.

What can I RIBA?

Anything related to business and technology. RIBA is made for quick answers however, not well researched discussions. Don't RIBA what should be your next marketing objective. You can RIBA if PPC might be a good option for your business.

Why should I RIBA?

Everyone should RIBA, even if it's not with Alex. Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. Running something by an experienced consultant can make your life easier, save you a ton of time, and ultimately save you money. You can spare yourself the pain of the pocket by just asking an experienced consultant what to do.

How can I get started?

Fill out your name, business, and email below. We'll have you fill out a business profile, which will allow us to have more insight into your business making answering questions more specific and faster. After that, we do a 15 minute call to get to be more familiar with you, and then you're set. RIBA away!

Anything else I need to know?

RIBA was created out of the need for answers. We are offering an extremely low price to help you get answers that could save you thousands. These are issues that should be able to be resolved in 10 minutes, not hour long consultations. PLEASE RIBA RESPONSIBLY.

How much does RIBA Cost?

Simple pricing. RIBA is just $55 for Single Professionals and $95 for Small Business with 3 or more staff. It's month to month, no contract, cancel anytime. Whether you RIBA once a month or 10 times, it's the same price. If you don't RIBA for 3 months in a row, we'll automatically cancel your subscription so you're not wasting your money.

What if Alex can't answer my question?

If you're not getting the service you desire, we'll refund you that month 100%. Alex is pretty darn good at getting answers however. If she doesn't know it, she can tell you how to find it or guide you through the process.

How has RIBA helped others?

RIBA has made life easier for dozens of people, help shed light on different business scenarios, saved people thousands, and improved operations for businesses all over.


Check out these real life examples on how RIBA helps, from the smallest of things to larger decisions.

We're having trouble with our email and just aren't getting the work we need done. There are a number of issues. What should we do?

Migrate to G Suite. Based on how you guys operate, you can solve almost everyone of those problems by changing email providers. Save on storage, get more mobile access and accomplish work faster. You can also rebuild that document tree in a better way that works for you and not have to worry about retrieving things off the server. Also, you don't have to buy a server, saving yourself the worry of maintaining something that will eventually crash. Sorry you wasted 7k on that server before me!

Migrated 12 staff to G Suite. Saved thousands of dollars on not having a server. Office now lives by G Suite and is super happy. Saving time, energy, money and working better.
I want to get a copy of every email I send out automatically. How can I do that?

Easy. There is a chrome extension called Auto BCC. It's free and you'll get all the copies you want.

Client gets all their messages sent to their other address with ease.
I received this email from an SEO Company telling me all these things about my website. Thoughts?

These guys are black hat SEO and will ruin your business. Don't think twice about giving them your business. You shouldn't trust an SEO review from someone who doesn't even list a company name and writes from a free gmail address.

Less headache and worry. We all could use that right?
I'm switching phones and am trying to decide to get either the Note 5 or the Note 7. What do you think?

Go with a Note 5. Personally knowing how you work and what the feature differences are, the Note 7 doesn't constitute the extra few hundred dollars. You're not going to see the value you want from the upgrade in how you use it, so just get the Note 5. Also, the Note 7 hasn't been out long enough to really see how great it is.

Client LOVED the Note 5. Several weeks later, we found out about the exploding Samsung Note 7. Time and money saved, but also just by chance of luck, dodged a huge bullet.
I received this email but can't log in, can you help?

STOP. FREEZE. DO NOT PASS GO. This is a scammer trying to steal your info! Change your password immediately and warn anyone else that may have been compromised.

Client was able to make the change before any damage was done to their email account. Phew!
A colleague sent me this service. He says it will help me increase my Google Ranking and sales. Should I use it?

The service isn't bad, but it's not what you think. This is just a reputation management tool. They help you by getting reviews. Naturally, when you have more reviews, you get more sales, which means more traffic to your website and higher SEO Ranking. It's by default that it happens, not something unique that they're doing. Good service, just know what you're buying.

Client opted not to purchase. They hadn't engage in any reputation management planning, so it would be too soon to buy without having reviewed what it is they actually want to accomplish or if they want to implement their own internal campaigns first before using a service. Time and money saved!
I'm thinking about PPC but am afraid of getting burned. How should I go about it?

Don't do PPC - you have 10 errors on your site that won't get you the conversions you want. You need to fix these things even before considering PPC.

Client avoided wasting over $2K in his proposed PPC campaign that we was going to start. Unfortunately, he could have also saved thousands if he had just RIBA prior to him becoming a client.

Ready to RIBA? Get started now!

$55 for Single Professionals
$95 Small Businesses with 3 or more Employees

AWESOME! Thanks for getting ready to RIBA! We'll send you a business profile to complete and schedule your 15 minute consult in the next day or two. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

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