North County Eco Alliance "More Profit for Nonprofits" Workshop

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We're so excited you could make this workshop and hope you found much value. To get more information and to request materials that we discussed in the workshop, fill in your name and email below. Information will go out to you automatically within 24 hours of the workshop completion. ALL MAVEN offers special services at extremely discounted rates for Nonprofits. Be sure sure to mention your nonprofit status and NCEA for exclusive offers and rates.

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Upcoming Courses for 2016

The following are the upcoming courses on schedule to be taught for 2016. If you'd like to get notified about a specific class, or all classes in general, fill in your information below and we'll keep you up to date with the upcoming workshops, times and pricing. These are the first 16 courses offered in the beginning half of the year.

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Google Apps Overview

This course will give a condensed overview and demo of Google Apps for Work, the best cloud based solution for businesses of all sizes. Learn how you can improve workflow, increase productivity, and improve your bottom line with Google Apps for Work.

Course Duration    1.50 hours

Instagram for Business

This course will give insight and instruction on the amazing social network, Instagram. Instagram is an incredible way to build your brand, engage your community and grow your audience. Instagram followers have much to offer over other social followers, so take this class to find out how you can utilize this fast growing network to your advantage.

Course Duration    1.75 hours

Google Analytics

This is more than an in depth course on Google Analytics. This is a training complete with analytics setup and integration into your website, how to measure conversion and goals and understand reporting. This half day workshop also includes a lunch. LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS AVAILABLE.

Course Duration    3.50 hours

SEO Fundamentals

There's a lot of talk about SEO. Find out the myths, truths and facts about SEO and what you need to do with it to propel your website to your desired position.

Course Duration    2 hours

Web Design for Non Designers & Entrepreneurs

Not everyone has 5k for a website. Knowing that, there are still some very key things you need to know in order to make your website a success. Take this course to help "spruce up" your website efforts to see some valuable ROI of your design efforts.

Course Duration    3.50 hours

Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter is an absolute amazing platform that every business should be involved in. This course will give you an introduction, overview and tutorial on utilizing Twitter, including setting up a proper page.

Course Duration    3 hours

Getting Google Plus Right

Having a Google Plus page can be critical to your business success. After all, it's like the Yellow Pages listing on Google. You'll need to know how to set it up properly, as well as have it show on Google Search.

Course Duration    3.50 hours

Building a Brand

What exactly is Brand? Learn the how, when and why Brand Development is key to the success of your business, as well as fundamentals on establishing a lasting brand that you can take pride in.

Course Duration    1.50 hours

Google Apps | Google Docs

This course will provide an in depth instruction on how to utilize and collaborate with Google Docs, Google's premier word processor. Find out what Google Docs can do in comparison to Microsoft Word.

Course Duration    1.50 hours

Google Apps | Google Sheets & Forms

In depth instruction on the use of Google Forms (form builder) and Google Sheets, an excel style spreadsheet and workbook form. Learn how to take all your excel information to the cloud and beyond.

Course Duration    1.50 hours

Google Apps | Google Slides

An in depth tutorial on an exceptional alternative and or replacement to PowerPoint. Learn to create amazing slide show presentations, share them anywhere and access them 24/7 on any mobile device.

Course Duration    2 hours

Nimble CRM Overview

Nimble is a market leader when it comes to managing contacts and relationships. Come learn why and how this award winning CRM is shaking the market and helping businesses solve problems.

Course Duration    1.25 hours

Event Planning for Businesses

Event marketing is an amazing way to build awareness and revenue for your brand. Learn the key aspects of putting on a successful event and the marketing behind it.

Course Duration    1.75 hours

Marketing Essentials & Mediums

What type of marketing is right for your business? Before you choose the medium, you need to understand the essentials. Learn what it truly means to market, and how to be successful.

Course Duration    3 hours

Basecamp Project Management

This course will give an overview of how Basecamp works, a premier project management tool that helps you get more done with less time. Attendees will learn about features, functionality and added value they receive when using Basecamp to manage their projects.

Course Duration    1.50 hours

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