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We have a number of brands opening this Fall, and even a couple current brands that have been revamped. Check out a brief description of each brand below to see what we're working on.



Lex Jameson Creative (LJC) is a full service creative agency, designed to craft beautiful brands with effective design for extraordinary visionaries. It's a company that services businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives through branding, marketing, web design, graphic design and digital media, as well as courses, resources and workshops to help them grow. It also serves agencies, offering other digital and white label services.



HINS & Co. Consulting is a business development firm focused on businesses of all sizes willing to invest in solid growth strategy and development. It's core competencies include Business Development, Management Consulting, Startups, SaaS Consulting, Technology Projects, Human Capital Development, and Culture Consulting & DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)



Jackhammer is a men's retail brand focused on delivering comfort to all. Our primary focus and signature product includes our Jackhammer Wear Men's Signature Black Comfort Fit Brief.



NEATT stands for Nonprofit Education, Advancement, Training and Tools. It is a Membership Program for Nonprofits that provides free and low cost premium services like custom websites, marketing, organizational development & MORE. It helps Nonprofits get...Educated on different ways to improve their organization. Advance their causes for maximum community impact. Train their teams on different practices that help their organization grow and provide the Tools needed in different areas of their organization to help them operate at top proficiency.



Coconilla is a community brand focused on the intrinsic and unique lives of interracial couple Alexandra and Joseph Poelstra. It opens up as a variety podcast where the two focus on important aspects of life where race and different ideologies intersect. While centered around humor and current issues bathed in curiosity and controversy, this podcast offers a variety of unique perspectives on the world we live in today.


Cyd & Eve is a retail beauty brand focused on natural skin care and products for those with difficult and sensitive skin, resistant to most "sensitive skin" products. This brand aims to please an underserved market of the health and wellness industry, offering lifestyle enhancements beyond the products


While these brands are launching in the Fall, some of them are open exclusively to select groups and communities. If you'd like more information on a particular brand or service, reach out to us. While these are the brands that are featured, we have over dozen more still hiding from view :)


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